Seasonal Property Services in Davis & Weber County

A Northern Utah Spring Must = Lawn Aeration

After a long and cold winter of being smashed by layers of ice and snow, lawn aeration should be at the top of your lawn care to-do list. We’ll eliminate the lawn thatch build-up so that your grass can receive the necessary air and nutrients necessary for a beautiful lawn. We also perform other spring property services such as checking and maintaining your sprinkler system and fertilizing. Let us help make sure that your lawn springs to life by filling out the contact form below. Sorry for the lawn pun- sometimes you just have no other choice.

Fall Leaf Cleanup 

You can’t get around the mountains of leaves that fall on your property each year because it’s Northern Utah which usually means that a cold snow filled winter will come. Our Fall property services will save you the hassle and back pain of having to rake a seemingly endless amount of dead leaves into those classic black plastic trash bags. Start saving yourself time and ibuprofen today by filling out the contact form below.

Snow Removal 

Snow is the best and worst part about the winter. You can pelt someone in the face with a snowball, or get an icy spanking as you slip in the parking lot. Our winter property services will help make sure that for the most part you enjoy the snow this year. We do snow removal when it’s accumulated to 2 inches or more, and we do ice melt when it’s less than 2 inches. We can work on a monthly fee or on a per storm basis. So save your buns from an icy vengeance this winter by contacting us today!